it does matter what you buy.

what happens if we /us lose more financial ground?   COMMENTS WELCOME even from you :-) .  >>>>>

US Depression possible?

This is the first time America has had there credit rating downgraded, could we be headed for a depression?   It does mater what you buy.

Census returned not acceptable

I ripped this from a friends page she is so tuned in don’t you think? I will forward comments to her.

They sent my Census form back! AGAIN!!! In response to the question: “Do you have any dependents?” I replied - “12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crack heads; 42 million unemployable people, 2 million people in over 243 prisons; Half of Mexico; and 535 idiots in the U.S. House and Senate. Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer. Re-post if you wish.

new debt celing

I wonder if buying fewer foreign products would have avoided this problem.

This Web site would like to buy the Saturn Corporation!

Investor/owners, employee owners/investors will create the American Saturn originally considered. I was originally considered for the Engineering power train Manager for start up of Saturn but went with exotic Veh. development in Florida, I believe there is great potential for a car company put many Americans back to work and like there American wheels . What do you think?????

Cars are used as a ruler for recovery,see!

Retail sales fell for first time in nearly a year
WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans bought fewer cars in May, pulling retail sales down for the first time in nearly a year.)”"”"

 I just dragged that from a news story on 6-14-11 . itisaboutus. often leans towards the auto industry partially because of  my propensity for it but also because of the huge effect it has on our economy overall beyond the wheel.

My foreign product is made in IL/whatever.

Copy of article on 6-10-2010  ( When I say something in person about somebody’s import because I always do often there feeble defense is something like “My car is made in IL ” )

Jun 10, 4:55 AM (ET)By YURI KAGEYAMA



Pressure has been high on Toyota to keep jobs in Japan because the company is part of the face of Japan Inc.

But the damage from the disaster adding to the hit from the soaring yen may finally give Toyota a good excuse to move production abroad to maintain profitability.  PS. That is Abroad= from Japan to America for instance to add profit to Japan Inc.


Pasted from <>

Jun 10, 4:55 AM (ET)


 Back in January 2010 This web site started using the phrase FOREIGN PRODUCTS ARE FOREIGN PROFITS I see the Japanese agree. I am so ahead of the curve on this stuff, why aren’t I called the King of recovery. I feel better now.

Recovery seems slow?


up date 5/6/2011  sad news. or ignorance is bless.

The Great Recession officially ended two years ago this month. By the same point during previous recoveries, state and local governments were engines of growth: In the two years after the 1990-91 recession ended, for example, they’d added 430,000 jobs. At the same point after the 2001 recession ended, they had added 249,000.

This time is different. More than 467,000 state and local government jobs have vanished since the recession officially ended in June 2009, including 188,000 in schools.

Few see the pain subsiding soon. Mark Vitner, senior economist at Wells Fargo Securities, expects state and local governments to slash 20,000 to 30,000 jobs a month through the middle of 2012.

Osoma Binladin killed

American Navy Seal team 6 ended Osomas life and buried him at sea.

I was just checking around and YEP hes still dead

How about Government wage cuts too?

I say-since we have lost jobs, took pay-cuts, went without raises, the government should be held responsible. Let them take BIG. pay decreases. Do they work any harder than us? Hell no! Yet you don’t see them losing anything. Who approved the fact that they can vote themselves raises, bonuses? We’ve lost enough people! If you would copy this and send to as many people as you can-maybe we could end this nightmare! What do you think?